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048 JANUARY / FEBRUARY '19 YEAR IN REVIEW "IN DEMAND" FOR 2018 DEEP DATA DIVE: Using its own global metric standard, the "demand expression," Parrot Analytics ( has compiled data for total audience demand expressed for unscripted and factual content across platforms, within various markets, for 2018. Audience demand refl ects the desire, engagement and viewership, weighted by importance — a stream/download, for example, counts as a higher expression of demand than a 'like' or a comment. (Demand is tracked by Parrot in the form of downloads, streaming, interaction with promos/trailers, reviews, blog sites, social media posts and likes, etc. Networks and platforms listed are original commissioning outlets, and demand is also measured for non-current programming.) WILD WILD COUNTRY *AVERAGE DEMAND EXPRESSIONS® PER 100 CAPITA *AVERAGE DEMAND EXPRESSIONS® *AVERAGE DEMAND EXPRESSIONS® PER 100 CAPITA PLANET EARTH II/BBC PLANET EARTH II/BBC MAKING A MURDERER BLUE PLANET II/BBC BLUE PLANET II/BBC ABSTRACT: THE ART OF DESIGN MAKING A MURDERER/NETFLIX ANTHONY BOURDAIN: PARTS UNKNOWN/CNN BTS: BURN THE STAGE WHEELER DEALERS/DISCOVERY UK WILD WILD COUNTRY/NETFLIX THE STAIRCASE 24 HOURS IN POLICE CUSTODY/C4 WHEELER DEALERS/DISCOVERY UK NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX YOUTUBE PREMIUM NETFLIX TOP 5 UNSCRIPTED/FACTUAL DIGITAL ORIGINALS: GLOBAL TOP 5 UNSCRIPTED/FACTUAL: GLOBAL TOP 5 UNSCRIPTED/FACTUAL: UK 0.289 871,820.219 0.649 *AVERAGE DEMAND EXPRESSIONS® *AVERAGE DEMAND EXPRESSIONS® MAKING A MURDERER MAKING A MURDERER LAST CHANCE U TERRORISM CLOSE CALLS MADE IN MEXICO WILD WILD COUNTRY WHAT WE STARTED BILL NYE SAVES THE WORLD LAST CHANCE U REMASTERED: WHO SHOT THE SHERIFF NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX TOP 5 UNSCRIPTED/FACTUAL DIGITAL ORIGINALS: USA TOP 5 UNSCRIPTED/FACTUAL DIGITAL ORIGINALS: CANADA 4,055,270.282 287,309.949 2,996,032.057 154,148.871 2,655,373.656 136,164.155 2,595,378.914 129,404.741 2,449,331.058 114,218.296 0.201 819,102.971 0.414 0.118 787,320.09 0.343 0.087 719,325.721 0.289 0.084 619,593.351 *AVERAGE DEMAND EXPRESSIONS® *AVERAGE DEMAND EXPRESSIONS® ANTHONY BOURDAIN: PARTS UNKNOWN /CNN ANTHONY BOURDAIN: PARTS UNKNOWN/CNN PLANET EARTH II/BBC PLANET EARTH II/BBC NOVA/PBS BLUE PLANET II/BBC HOW IT'S MADE/SCIENCE; YOUTUBE 30 FOR 30/ESPN BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT/A&E LEAH REMINI: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH/A&E TOP 5 UNSCRIPTED/FACTUAL: USA TOP 5 UNSCRIPTED/FACTUAL: CANADA 7,079,304.726 694,554.699 6,340,809.468 531,971.779 5,517,683.347 392,774.163 5,211,760.87 297,705.756 4,609,193.621 288,102.404 0.235

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