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044 Music Inspired By Everything REALSCREEN @ MIBEMUSIC.COM TO SCHEDULE @ MIBEMUSIC YEAR IN REVIEW COLBY GAINES CEO Back Roads Entertainment My favorite factual program/series (or feature documentary) of 2018 was: The Kavanaugh hearings. I never thought they'd make a program about: There are too many to mention here — you know that if a dollar can be made off of even an audience of one, a producer will attempt to make it. The program/series/doc people will be talking about in fi ve years is: Won't You Be My Neighbor? In 18 months, no one will be talking about: Second screen experiences. The focus of our attention now is one screen and most of the time it's mobile. The best factual content I've seen online this year was: Evil Genius. The most positive development in the non-fi ction/unscripted content industry this past year was: A report on CNBC saying the money spent on content will double in the next fi ve years. The most troubling development in the non-fi ction/unscripted content industry this past year was: The same report on CNBC saying the money will likely go to big media companies. So… the content pie will double but they're likely not cutting more slices. If 2018 taught me one thing it was: We keep getting reminded that even though distribution changes, audience habits largely don't. They/we still want premium, long-form content experiences. As Michael Wolff wrote, "television is the new television." The buzzword I don't want to hear in 2019 is: Disruptive.

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